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For exhibitors

1 table: 450,00 dkk
Extra table: 400,00 dkk
Floor space per meter: 100,00 dkk
Max 3 tables per exhibitor.

Size of the tables is 200 x 80cm

If canceled (no later than the 1th September 2018) will the full amount be refunded

When signing up you will receive detailed information on email.

Questions and signups can happen at mail or phone.

Gl. Hobrovej 1, Mariager 9550, Denmark

+45 86 48 48 24


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One day ticket Enter the fair either saturday or sunday. The one day ticket is only valid for one day. Price Kr. 50,-
Weekend ticket Enter the fair both saturday and sunday. The weekend ticket is valid for the whole weekend. Price Kr. 80,-

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